John Florescu



1 Intro

John M. Florescu (John Maurice Florescu, US, born April 14, 1954) is a TV producer, businessman, and journalist with experience in the United States and Europe. Along with producing news-generating documentaries, Florescu is one of the founders of Centrade, a family-owned US media company based in Houston, and also the founder of Chainsaw, a production, and post-production company based in Bucharest.

2 Nominations and awards

Since 2014, Florescu is a trustee of Hospice of Hope, a UK based charity that works to improve the quality of life for the terminally ill and their families, in Romania and surrounding countries. His work has been recognized and decorated in 2016, by Crown Princess Margareta of Romania. The award was given for his contribution on making the true historical facts get known internationally ,on the Romanian King Michael I, in the historical documentary Florescu produced, named “The King’s War”.

The award was given for his telling of the story on how Michael I of Romania arrested Romanian’s wartime fascist leader, Ion Antonescu (a courageous and largely unknown action that accelerated the end of World War II.

3 Early life and education

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and comes from one of Romania’s oldest families with roots going back more than 600 years. His father, Radu Florescu, was a Romanian academic, Professor of History, and the co-author of a series of bestselling books about Vlad Dracula.

John Florescu is the son of Radu Florescu , a notable American Balkan scholar, born in Bucharest to an aristocratic family, one of the oldest of the extant Romanian boyar families. His grandfather was a Romanian pre-war diplomat, a pro-western diplomat, who served under Romanian Minister Viorel Tilea to the United Kingdom.

The Florescu family start asylum at the outbreak of World War II and moved to Oxford first, then to the US where John Florescu was born.

He was educated between Boston area schools and a catholic school outside of Geneva Switzerland. He is fluent in English and French .

He attended Boston College and graduated Magna Cum Laude in history. In 1974 he was matriculated at Oxford University in Campion Hall. At Oxford he served as the first American editor of the university newspaper, “The Cherwell” .

4 Career

Mr. John M. Florescu is one of the founders of Centrade USA, Inc. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer since 2003. For seventeen years, Mr. Florescu served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of David Paradine Television Inc., the LA-based US television production company belonging to Sir David Frost. He has produced more than 150 hours of national and international television for such networks as CBS, HBO, PBS, Discovery-Times, Disney, A&E Network, The History Channel, BBC, and The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Mr. Florescu was Co-Executive Producer of Talking with David Frost, one of the longest-running news and public affairs interview series on PBS. Productions for which he has served as an Executive Producer include programs with six President of the United States, two former British Prime Ministers, and former leaders of the Soviet Union.

Florescu served as Chief Executive Officer of David Paradine Television, Sir David Frost’s Los Angeles-based U.S. television production company . He has produced over 200 specials, documentaries and interviews for PBS, HBO, A&E, History Channel, Discovery Times, Disney Channel, CBS Cable and other US and international broadcast outlets.

He was Co-Executive Producer of Talking with David Frost, one of the longest-running news and public affairs interview series in PBS history . Through these productions, Florescu has served as Co-Executive Producer for interviews with every past U.S. President (except President Obama and Trump) since Richard Nixon and also with several foreign heads of state including Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher and several Middle Eastern leaders .

In a joint venture with US New & World Report and The New York Times, Florescu produced The Next President with David Frost in 1988 .

Prior to joining David Frost, Florescu served as Director of Communications for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Active for 30 years in democratic politics , he also worked in presidential campaigns of Edward Kennedy and played a fundraising role in the presidential campaigns of John Kerry and Barack Obama where, with his brother Radu, he ran twice “Romanian- Americans for Obama” . (new article found-OK).

From 1982 to 1985, Florescu was Vice President of Boston-based American Program Bureau (APB). In that capacity, Florescu created and served as Executive Producer of the PBS series Great Confrontations at the Oxford Union, a 4-part public affairs debate series that brought together the world’s best student debaters with various world figures.

From 1977 to 1979, he was an AP writer based in Paris, France. There, he served as a metro writer for The Boston Globe before joining the 1980 Kennedy Presidential campaign, and continued to write editorials later on. (copies of articles in the Boston Globe).

Having lived in and out of Romania since 1991, Florescu is involved with the management of media companies pioneered together with his brothers immediately after the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu. He has advised the late Senator Edward Kennedy on Romanian political affairs as well as to many US and Western businesses entering the Balkan market . (letter scan from Kennedy office). He has written editorials about Romania for leading U.S. newspapers [editorials on San Francisco Chronicle, Atlanta Constitution, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, Boston Sunday Globe] -link, participated in academic symposium on Romanian topics [(?)mentions inside the articles, mentions about the Thracians -search that]; advised on studies produced by the Council on Foreign Relations; served in 1990 as a U.S. delegate with The National Democratic Institute (NDI) [letters] during the first democratic elections in Romania and produced documentaries on Romania for The History Channel . [History Channel -Blood lines, the Dracula Family Tree, (2003) + see J Florescu production list]
John Florescu serves as Chief Executive Officer of Centrade, a family-owned, US media company based in Houston. Building on the media base established by his brother Radu and Nicholas, John Florescu started new Centrade companies. In 1997, he formed the Bates Agency in Romania; in 1999, he created Cable Direct; in 2005, he launched Chainsaw Europe Studios; and in 2008, he launched Kubis Interactive, where he is acting CEO.

Based on an exclusive interview that he received back in 2003 from the last living monarch that lived and participated in WW2, King Michael I of Romania, Florescu produced, later in 2016, a film that was very well received by historians and the audience.
The documentary, named “King’s War” was broadcasted internationally by PRO TV 3 times, and in UK once, in January 2017, under the name “The King that Tricked Hitler” and received very good ratings. Princess Margareta of Romania, Princess of Hohenzollern and the eldest daughter of King Michael I of Romania and his late wife Queen Anne, appreciated so much the work put into making the documentary that she invited Florescu to crown him with the order “Crown of Romania” in rank of Knight and Commander. Princess Margaret commented about the production saying it was “the best historical documentary about my father”.
For the international version, John Florescu was invited to conduct an audio interview with Prince Phillip at Buckingham palace. (should be added later on).

In 2016, Florescu along with Trevor Poots, produced the documentary “Trump vs Clinton” that aired before the US elections on 8th of November. The documentary is featuring interviews with foremost prolific personalities in the American political world, partisans of both candidates, ambassadors, leaders in foreign policy, experts appropriate to comment on topics such as NATO, refugees from Europe, post-Brexit situation, Putin, and cyber warfare between US, Europe and Russia. In the beginning of 2017 a sequel of the documentary aired on PRO TV. The documentary is shedding some light on how the changes on the White House will have profound effects on European policy.