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Chainsaw Films is a global production company with productions in the USA and Europe. Chainsaw Films is an offshoot of Chainsaw USA, providers of post-production services for The Oscars, American Idol and other high profile TV specials and films. John Florescu is managing the production company that was launched to service the documentaries, TV and film sectors in USA, Europe and beyond.

John florescu

Shaped by one of the most successful broadcasters, Sir David Frost, John M. Florescu has gone on to develop in-depth documentaries for US and European audiences. His subjects are drawn from the front pages of news - and from among the most intriguing individuals from history.

In the US, he is known for producing "Talking with David Frost" one of the longest-running news and public affairs interview series on PBS.

He also produced, "The Next President with David Frost," "A Gulf War Exclusive with President Bush," "One-on-One with David Frost" starring Paul McCartney, Mike Douglas and Elton John and the 13-episodic series, "Interviews I'll Never Forget."

Taken together, he has produced more than 150 hours of television for CBS, HBO, PBS, Discovery-Times, Disney, A&E Network, The History Channel, BBC and The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

For two decades, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of David Paradine Television Inc., the LA-based US television production company belonging to Sir David Frost.

John has chosen subjects that have a personal appeal to him. Foremost are "The Nixon Interviews with David Frost," a series drawn from the original, unseen 27-hour recording between President Nixon and David Frost. He also drew upon subjects going back to antiquity: "Decisive Battles of the Ancient World;" and "Bloodlines: The Dracula Family Tree;"

He directed and produced a recent series of political and historical documentaries, broadcasted internationally (UK, US, and Europe).

Recently, in the UK he produced "The King Who Tricked Hitler", and Europe on the eve of the US elections, the series "Trump vs. Clinton: What It Means to Europe", and "Trump: What He Means to Europe." He is currently in pre-production on a major documentary on Queen Maria, the grand-daughter of Queen Victoria, to air in 2018 in Europe.

His productions have been featured at film festivals at the French Historical Festivals in Bordeaux, among others in Europe.

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